Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's bring in the New Year with whole new goal

Well as I sit here thinking and preparing for our New Year's gathering that we are having tonight I think to myself wow I am going to have to walk all day tomorrow to wear off what I am going to consume tonight between beverages and appetizers.  I have to remember if I ever want to achieve any of my goals I cannot just put them on the back burner for nights like tonight.  So I have decided to have a super healthy lunch full of vegetables and fruit.  The salad dressing was the only thing I had to count.  I am not doing this so I have more points to burn tonight but I know now that I will likely not get in my fruits and vegetables tonight.  I also volunteered to make a lot of the appetizers as I know what is in them and I use all fat free ingredients or atleast low fat ones if I cannot find fat free ones.  I also went out and bought a huge veggie tray so there will always be those healthy options to chose from.  So when you are out and about tonight or just hanging at home with your family I want you to remember that even though tomorrow is a New Year and today will soon be the past let not throw our life changing habits on the back burner.  Let stick with them, if I can do it so you can you.  Hope you all have a wonderful New Year and please please please do NOT drink and drive!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The beginning from what I can recall

Well about 3 months ago Chadd and I decided enough is enough it is time to get on the healthy wagon and stay on it until we are happy with ourselves, rather then moping around hating what we look like in pictures.  I think my huge breaking point was looking back at my sisters wedding pictures and feeling super depressed and thinking to myself, I cannot believe I ruined her pictures with how gross I look.  I know some of you can understand what I blog about and others of you think I am exaggerating to the max just to hope you will feel sorry for me.  Well that is not what this is all about I am going to blog the truth and let you know that you are not the only one out there feeling the way you do.
I sent Chadd a message one day just out of the blue and said "honey I think I am ready to give Weight Watchers another go, and this time there is no slacking off."  To my surprise he sent me a message back saying "honey I was thinking the exact same thing".  Wow maybe it is true when they say great minds think alike.  So the following Tuesday we hit up a meeting in our area.  We were both shocked and overly saddened when we stepped on that scale for our first weighing, but we knew that we were going to stick with each other to make that number go down, go way way down.  We were not too fond of our leader she was a pre school teacher and she did our meetings in the same mode which me thought was strange, but that was not going to stop us.  We followed the books tracked everything we ate and that brought us to week 2.  Hooray we both lost between 4 and 7lbs which brought huge smiles to our faces. 
Well to make a long story a little bit shorter we ended up switching meeting to another location as we could not handle our leader and a couple that joined ww drove us bonkers.  We now have an amazing leader and actually someone I know.  Her face was very familiar to me but she dropped over 120lbs so it was hard to put a name on her.  Seeing how dramatic her weight loss was gave me that much more of a boost.
Well through our journey so far we have had our ups and our downs and just helped each other back on the good ol' weight loss wagon.  Gaining a pound or two makes you a little sad but you look back and smile and say you are going to have those kind of weeks and you just have to remember that you just turn around take that step towards a new and better week.   Through the fall months exercising was so much easier the trying to exercise in the winter.  Having to get all bundled up to go for a 20 minute walk seems like so much, but we have to remember if we want to succeed we have to do what we need to do to get in that physical activity.  I am trying to work myself to joining a friend in aquasize but classes start at 6 and it is in the north end and I fear that by the time the parents pick up the kids which sometimes is 545 I will never make it on time.  I am one of those people that do not believe in being late and don't believe in the lame excuses of people being late.  Oh well I guess I still have a few more days to decide what I wanna do.
Well I just wanted to get this blog going and let you know you are not the only one out there struggling.  Feel free to post any thoughts or recipes or questions.  I know tons of people who have either joined or re joined weight watchers so I thought I would throw something like this together so we can all help each other out.

Here is to a good week and hope you all have a very Happy and safe New Years.