Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Aunt Flow...I Strongly Dislike You

Well as you can tell from the title the bitch decided to come and visit, like she does every month at this time.  However this time she came with all force, I think she has been working out too cause holy hell it feels like she is kicking the shit out of ovaries and everything down there.  Well I knew last nights weigh in was going to suck because I not only was I super sore but I was bloated and pretty sure I resembled a beluga whale of some sort.  I tried having a hot bath before weigh to reduce some of it but no such luck.  Stepped on the scale and up 2...I was pretty upset about it cause I worked my butt of this week and stayed on track and this is what I get in return.  Yesterday afternoon I even took my last 3 of 8 kids I had left for the day for a walk.  So after figuring it out  the 3 of them together would have weighed in just shy of 100lbs and took the dog with us so I had a 35lb dog pulling my other arm.  As someone mentioned to me, I likely felt like Gumby and too think of it I kind of did.  Oh well ce la vie ce la vie.  Stepped on the scale this morning and I am down 5lbs to what I weighed in at yesterday so that makes me feel better knowing that and hoping that I likely lost 2 lbs this past week.   I have taken up using resistance bands this last couple days and wow I sure feel it is my arms and legs lots but no pain means you are not doing a whole lot so bring it on.  I also love the nice weather as I get double the workout- 1 taking 25 minutes getting all the kids bundled up and 2 playing outside with them in the snow or taking them for walks.  I know this weather is leaving us on Friday but take advantage of it while you can, remember our bodies love atleast 30 minutes of physical activity in a day, even if our minds like to tell us different.  So lets get up and go!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good bye 30

Well it is about frickin time I finally lost 30lbs.  It has been a long fuckin haul but worth every meeting let me tell you.  I have a very long ways to go but this is a huge goal for me.  My goal for July is to be down another 30.  I wanna feel good and look partially good for some of the summer.  I know it won't be till next summer when I hope that I feeling amazing and won't be shy to wear shorts or tank tops.  Right now I am a t-shirt and yoga pants kind of girl when I am at home.  They make me comfortable.  For the longest time I refused to wear jeans cause I felt so gross in them and I did not like the way I looked.  Well thanks to weight watchers I bought a pair of jeans that fit me properly and I felt ok in.  Well hooray those are now in the fat bag of clothes and I went out and bought 2 more pairs of jeans that are 2 sizes smaller and I bought a belt.  A belt I never thought I would ever need one of those as I always had my spare tire of a gut to hold them up.  Well although I don't see it just yet it must be starting to shrink.  Soo high 5 to smaller jeans and being able to use a belt for more then a fashion look.  Here is too another week my friends, even though I just lost 1 lb this week it was a loss and not a gain.  Now I just have to work out my poor fiance who had a pretty rough week and time to get him back on the healthy boat.  He had a rough Sunday and did way too much snacking and went out last Friday with the boys and drank lots of beer and had nachos.  So here is to each of kicking each other in the butt and to an amazing week and a better weight loss then last.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sure wishes for spring and summer to come

Well this week I started back at the gym and it made me really miss being able to exercise outdoors.  Nothing beats being able to go for a nice long walk or bike ride after supper on a nice warm summer evening.  However I guess I must let reality check in and stick with the gym until atleast April as I am sure that is going to be when we start getting some warmer temperatures.  I am not one who is big into weight training but I do love my cardio work outs.  The other night I did 12 minutes on the eliptical on the weight loss setting and holy crap it kicked my butt and then from there I went and did 35 minutes on the treadmill with every 2 minutes at 4.0 speed I would increase the incline by 2 till I hit 15 and then I did a nice slow the heart rate down session.  It felt fantastic and I felt really good when I got off of it.  However I went in with knowing I need to take it easy as I have a mean head and chest cold.  After I got ready to go home it really kicked in how soar the old lungs were.  So I have decided to take the rest of the week off and get over this cold before I end up having to go to the doctor or hospital.  I am still going to continue to use my eliptical at home just maybe at a lower pace or I might even dig out my wii fit and dust it off and get my butt back on it.
Well I only lost .4 pounds this week but I have to smile and remember it was a loss and not a gain and just to keep on going.  It is only going to get better from here on in.  So keep smiling and remember "Success is not a race, be patient".  So cheers to another week my friends.