Sunday, February 27, 2011

My apology for being a terrible blogger and in return I give you....

Wow I have totally come to realize I am a terrible blogger good thing I do not have to many followers and to the people that are following my sincere apology.  Well I will just add a quick little update at where I am at right now with WW and my life.
Right now things have been slower then normal on the scale but I have no one to blame but myself as I have not been pushing myself to much and with this friggin cold ass weather there is no chance in hell I am taking the kids out to play in it let alone go out for a walk with the Beagle.  She is famous when it is cold she does the 3 legged hop within 5 minutes into our walk as she is rotten for licking her paw pads.  Silly dog.  Right now I am sitting at being down 32lbs.  I by no means am complaing as I have never lost 32 lbs in my entire life.  I have a long way   to go yet but that is a good start.  Last week I was down 1.6 lbs which was nice as the the 2 weeks before that I was up .2 and then .8.  I know when you look at it those are little numbers but they add up and I don't want them to be adding up and then my number of pounds lost going down.  So I had to pick it up. 
We have been in the middle of demolition on our basement as we had to get 16 braces installed.  So that meant for Chadd and myself having to tear all the drywall and wall framing down. That was a mental workout and a half and I could not understand the one day why my arms and shoulder was so sore.  Well the night prior to that I myself had torn out 2 full walls including the framing.  FML!!!!  Oh well makes up for me not doing my other Biggest Loser workouts.  I know it is should not be an excuse but I am making it one.  Our DVD's are burried behind all the stuff that was in Chadd's office and what we had stored in our storage space under the stairs.  Also I always worked out downstairs on the BIG TV and it has been covered so none of the dust ruins Chadd's baby ( tv).  I know lame excuse but it is.
 So that has been me in a nutshell. I took advantage of the nice day today and went on 2 super long walks with Chadd and Ivy and boy did it feel good and I know I will have that much better of a sleep tonight.
So in the end I would like to share this website with you that my friend Karla shared with me.  You will so happy with it or atleast I was especially when I found my "fall back appetizer snack" recipe.  Jalapeno Poppers.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Madly in Love with Oranges

Well as most of you know Tuesday evening is my weekly weight watcher weigh in.  This week I have had a strong addiction to oranges, if I am craving something sweet I want an orange, if I want a snack it is an orange and lately for breakfast rather then a piece of whole grain toast I want an orange.  I am not sure if it is just this delicious box of navel oranges I bought or if I really am falling madly in love with oranges...haha!  My family is prone to getting hives if too many oranges are eaten so I was a little bit hesitant about this addiction with them and one morning I was going to wake up with hives.  But I have been very lucky and they are just filling in that gap where I sometimes would fill in with something not so healthy. The other day I did my Biggest Loser Max Cardio workout and holy dynamite two days later I am still feeling it.  I gave it all I had that afternoon so I am sure that has something to do with it.  The first 3 times I did I slacked a little as I was just learning it and the moves.  The third time well I did it during quiet time and I have a 4 yr old boy who does not usually nap so he wanted to do it with me, so that slowed me down a little bit as I did not want to kick him, run into him and he had a million and one questions.  When I work out I like to concentrate on it so I was a little "blonde" when doing my workout with him cause ever time he asked a question I had to stop or slow down.  Oh well we both had fun and lesson learned for me; if you wanna give it all you got do your workout alone.

It was awesome the other evening Chadd said he wanted to go to the gym but forgot to plug in a vehicle so I told him to try it out so he said yes I will try that or your Taebo as he has done that one before and it kicked his ass.  So the next morning he did my BL workout and I bbm'd him that morning to see how it went and all he said "it kicked my ass and my legs are burning"!  I might have had a good chuckle.  I believe you can have a pretty rockin workout at home for 6.95 (what I payed for the DVD) rather then spending 50.00 a month to go to a gym and feel intimidated that all the pig headed muscle freaks are looking at you and thinking what the hell is s/he doing.

Anyways so what I was getting at after blabbering on is the scale and I got a long quite nicely last night and I was down 4.2lbs.  I think I had the hugest smile walking out of that room.  Hooray for another 5lbs star and I am now down 31.4lbs.

Hope you all have a good rest of the week!