Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am still alive and kickin'...just suck at bloggin

Well things have been up and down for me last week I was up 2.4 and I was bloated like I am not sure what.  My stomach was as hard as a rock so I knew I was in for the worst when I stepped on that scale.  I did not quite expect it to be that bad but life goes on and I just said tomorrow is another day.  I love that quote and if I am having a rough day I just tell myself that over and over again.  Well this week was much better I lost 3.4lbs which brought on a pretty big smile as it was not only a good loss but it was also me breaking those 20's. I think now that the weather is finally nice out that is helping out a lot.  I find myself outside every afternoon with my daycare kids whether it is just have little plays in the gross sopping wet grass or breaking ice outside but atleast I am out there and at this time that is all that matters.  I have also started walking in the evenings and have marked it out to be 1.3km.  It is nice having my amazing fiance to walk with and our dog.  However with this wet weather our dog comes back and is no longer white on her belly she is black and soaked and full of rocks which is kind of a pain in the ass to clean her everytime.  So it was time to think of something different, so Chadd and I decided to start walking in the mornings.  Seeing as he leaves for work at 645 we head out at 5:00am so he has time to get back and get ready.  I have decided to do my workouts in the morning when we get back from the walk so I don't just plunk my butt on the couch until my daycare kids show up at 7:30.  Let me tell you when we headed out at 5:00am I looked at Chadd and said; "what the hell are we doing up so early, then I stopped him before he could say anything and said cause we are on our way to being healthy and we both can and will do this.  I encourage you all to get up and moving it is a struggle in the beginning but friggin amazing within 5 minutes of getting up and going.
I have also decided seeing as I am not getting any younger it is time for me to start getting more calcium into my system.  I HATE (and yes I capitalized those on purpose) milk.  I dislike the taste and the smell.  Yes call me crazy but I gave it a smell and in my world it smells like cows.  No it does not smell like cow shit but I could not determine the smell so I have come to conclusion it smells like cows.  So after some thoughts I decided to try almond milk as I am not a huge fan of soy milk.  I brought it home and Chadd and I both said ok lets try it if we die from it atleast we will die together from it.  Total sarcasm in our voices by the way.  I had the first taste and it was not to bad.  Chadd however said he will stick to cows milk (I just puked in my mouth) and I will stick to almond milk.  I am still working myself up to getting used to drinking milk again but I will do it.
So that has been me and my journey in a nutshell for the past little while.  I am going to keep on trying to stick to posting but please don't count on me for doing weekly ones cause I just don't seem to put the time aside for it like I said I would.  To all my followers I hope you are still workin hard and I believe that you can do this.  If I can so can you! 
“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ` Dr Seuss


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  1. Keep up the great work missy! And thanks for the great quote.