Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sometimes I Just Don't Understand

So my goal for this week was to stay on the healthy track with eating and to be more active.  Well I go back this past week and re-visit at what I ate each day-check I ate damn healthy, cut out a lot of carbs and replaced them with jazzing up vegetables instead.  Other then this past Friday I went for an evening walk at least 30 minutes every night as well as did my exercise video twice and dealt with snow and ice shoveling this last couple of days.  So I am super pumped tonight to hit the scale at my Weight Watcher meeting and BAM, a whoppin 1lb loss.  I am still happy don't get me wrong but I was really working on atleast a 2-4 lbs loss.  I was a little sad when I saw the little number then told my brain to smarten up and be happy with a loss. 
I am not sure if any of you deal with this at all, but it is real kick in the ass.  This has not been the first time I have busted my ass and result in a little number, but it did not get me down and I am not about to let it get me down.  I am going to increase my walks to 45 minutes this week and stick to being as healthy as I can.  This weekend may be a bit of a challenge as my fiance and I and another friend are headed to Edmonton for the weekend to help move our friends girlfriend back to the city.  With my fiance being with me I know it will be easier to make wise decisions when it comes to food as he will want to make those decisions as well.  I was also get my walking in, it will be slow but it is still walking as Saturday is designated to shopping at IKEA all day.
So here is my blog for the week, hope you all have bigger and better numbers then what I did. 



  1. I"ve been dealing with the same deal and you gotta keep reminding yourself every little bit gone is GOOD. Cant wait till we can start biking!

  2. Its hard missy, but like Amanda commented every little bit counts! Just remember that you might not be losing weight as fast as you want to but have you ever takin your measurements and then checked the difference? Wow, it can be amazing and a good feeling to realize you lost an inch round the tummy or something like that. Thats what I have started to do, I only do my measurements every 3 weeks but its exciting to see how far you have come when you are working hard at getting healthier and skinny! Keep trecking and you will do it!