Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well it was not much, but there is next week...

Well I was pretty hesitant to step on that scale last night as good ol' Aunt Flow was visiting and she has not been very nice to me.  I feel like I should tie myself to something as I am beyond bloated and feel like a balloon that could float away an minute now, yuck!  I am pretty sure that had a little something to do with the wee little .2lbs that I lost this past week.  It is down and not up which was pretty nice.  I listened to a friend who gave me a little advice, hold back on carbs the week before you are expecting this visitor and this should help.  Well I believe it helped at the scale as I usually am a gain when I weigh in during this "week". 

I am hoping to get the basement semi organized this weekend so I can get back to my Biggest Loser workout, I really miss it and I slept so much better when I worked out or hell when I was able to go for a walk outdoors.  The way Mother Nature is treating us lately we will not be able to go outside anytime soon without freezing our asses off.  My poor dog is dying to go for a walk but like I said previously if her paws get cold she does the 3 legged hop and she is as coordinated as Mamma and cannot walk if we are not able to use all the legs God granted us with.  Maybe if I was not so top heavy I would not struggle...haha!!
Anyways here is to another week and if you don't hear from me in a week chances are I got lost in the disasterous mess downstairs attempting to clean it.


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  1. are you still downstairs??
    I was hoping for more blogging from you.. I love it so far.
    and hey .2 is still a loss!! :)