Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still Here...

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have come to conclusion I am a terrible blogger.  I need to set a time out every week to write a blog....hmmm now to find an evening that works.  Anyways hang in there I promise I will keep blogging just not regularly at this time.
Last weeks weigh in was much better then the past couple of week but still not something to jump up and down about, I was down 1.4lbs.  I am happy with that as I do not want huge numbers as it said that if you lose the weight too fast it will only come back that much faster, and I will not let that happen.  Thankfully the weather has somewhat smartened up a bit so I have finally braved the great outdoors and have been getting in my evening walks and even more so getting outside with the daycare kids.  However Friday was an exception there was no way I was going out in those frigid temperatures and high winds.  My goal I set for myself this week was to get outside and to be more active since it is slowly getting nicer out.  I am pretty happy as ever night except Friday I have gone outside and had atleast 30 minutes of physical activity.  I truly believe that is a huge factor in weight loss and getting in your water as well.  Speaking of which I need to get my water in for the day.
This past week has been insanely busy with work and my evenings have been packed with to do's.  I have been running after 8-9 daycare kids this week and let me tell you that exhausts a person right out.  But I take each day as it comes and have fun with it.  I am also still participating in my weekly volleyball which I absolutely love soo much.  I have always been a volleyball player since my younger years and I am so glad my friend asked me to play with their work group.  We played pretty competitive on Thursday so actually worked up a sweat and then on top of that I came home and walked the dog for 45 minutes. 
For those of you that have been following the basement is slowly coming along still so much work, so I just decided to suck it up and start doing my workouts upstairs, as there just is not enough open space downstairs to work out in.  I am sure I would fall or trip on something cause I am not always that graceful when I am working out.  As my friend says at times I have 2 left feet.  haha!!  But I must jet here and go and get my water.  So keep on all my fellow blog followers, together we will lose this weight.  It will not happen over night nor will it happen next week or next month.  But we must give it time and soon we will all be celebrating as we have reached that goal. 


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  1. You go girl!!!!! Sorry we missed you on Saturday. Maybe next time or if you are down this way at all stop by, the kidlets would love to see you guys. Keep up with the great work!